Acyut : The Humanoid Robot

Just another Humanoid robot

The results so far ….the team

I still remember all the night outs the guys used to put in . We knew it was never going to be easy . Great things in life never are . But now watching the biped walking around and kicking its way to glory just makes me feel it was all worth  it . 🙂 The technical team consists of Samay Kohli, Arpit Mohan and Harsh Sinha ( referred to as “guys” at the beginning ) . Then along came Prayag, who simply doesnt seem to need sleep or food (or baths for that matter 🙂 ). Realising the need for exposure, developing a network , dealing with different forms of media,sponsors ….in short the need to be “noticed”, led to the inclusion of Prateik Pothuneedi (me) and Stueti Gupta. Yup , the team has people handling the media and contacts , bringing in sponsors and making the right statements at the right time, ya… its a modern team. 🙂  This will be my last blog for Acyut as a biped….cos we’re closing the project . With the lessons learnt from the biped, with a little more experience and greater enthusiasim, the team starts anew on its new project ACYUT I, a new humanoid, new designs, a new story. Watch out for updates on Acyut I …cheers ! 🙂

PS: For all those of you wondering what the name is all about, ACYUT is sanskrit for “the indestructible” or the “one who never falls”.


January 22, 2008 - Posted by | Acyut : The Biped

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