Acyut : The Humanoid Robot

Just another Humanoid robot

Acyut I : The Progress so far

  • A working prototype ( Acyut the Biped) has been built.
  • Majority of the components (such as compass sensor, tilt sensor, servo motors, force sensors, vision system etc etc )required for Acyut I  the humanoid have been acquired. Prof. Ravi Prakash has been a great help here.
  • Currently designing the upper portion of the humanoid. This is not as simple a job as it seems. After all, it took nature a few billion years to make us !! 😛 . The main problem area at the moment continues to be the Center of Gravity (CoG) of the humanoid ( Prayag and Harsh have already lost a lot of sleep over this) . The current design fails to be self-balancing and keeps toppling over in the simulation itself. But with softwares such as Pro-E and Autoworks, the light at the end of the tunnel is not afar, as constraints are being identified and modifications being made dime a dozen. 
  • Day by day, the team is able to improvise on the walking algorithms of the biped ( which shall be implemented with a few changes in the humanoid) . A lot of time and effort has been devoted towards study of actual gaits of humans and balancing control systems. Research papers such as those by Takanishi et al. have been a huge help as they describe the technology and basic architecture of dynamic walking by humanoids. Infact, Kim Jung Yup et al. have also developed ground breaking algorithms for walking on uneven surfaces. But, as Arpit has inferred, such algorithms require too much computation, not possible with our microcontroller. Hence, the search is still on for something compatible with our proposed structure. 
  • Recently the biped walked independently ( no USB or communication wire hanging out meaning no live control ! 🙂 ) God only knows why we didn’t figure this out earlier !! ( Yes, we have our elderly moments too 😛 )
  • Samay and Arpit have been in constant touch with alumni and other sponsors in an effort to make our RoboGames dream a reality. Me ( Prateik ) and Stueti have prepared a zillion proposals catering to the needs and wants of different companies. The ‘Team ACYUT’ website should be up within a couple of days. Hopefully that will give us greater visibility and easier access to the world outside this oasis , than a blog or videos on the net.  
  • Analysing the biped carefully so that mistakes made in it are not repeated in the humanoid. All I can say is, “Easier said than done”.  
  • Prof. Mittal ( our research guide and advisor ) has been indispensable with his vast knowledge and experience in the field of robotics. 


New components


February 16, 2008 - Posted by | Acyut I : The Humanoid

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