Acyut : The Humanoid Robot

Just another Humanoid robot

Artificial Intelligence

Off late we have been concentrating mainly on the AI of acyut besides its design. We’re at the moment thinking about specialising acyut in order to be successful in the RoboGames. We’re planning to concentrate on the wrestling and stair climbing events. For the wrestling event we will be using a remote control and on a virtual stage we have been able to turn,kick and punch using a remote control. As soon as the design limitations are completely weeded out we will be able to check if it works properly on the physical stage. We will be able to see the difference between its simulated working and its actual working. We have made a GUI( Graphical User Interface ) using visual basic so that we can program the robot much better. The programing is a lot more user friendly now. However, acyut is an independent robot and the GUI will not be used for running life. We are making the bot autonomous and not automated. I have enclosed a screen shot of the GUI.

ADDED ON 27th may 2008

The latest GUI (Graphical User Interface) for ACYUT is version 1.05

Version 1.05 of the Program used to test and operate ACYUT, before the program is loaded on to ACYUT’s permanent brain


May 18, 2008 - Posted by | Acyut 3

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