Acyut : The Humanoid Robot

Just another Humanoid robot

The death of Acyut 2 …. the birth of Acyut 3 !

Acyut 2 replaced Acyut 1 in order to overcome certain design limitations. However, it presented new and unexpected problems. One of the problems was that the legs were not strong enough to hold the batteries and the batteries kept coming out . This made it highly inconvenient for acyut to function smoothly. Another problem was that the motor placed in the chest was rotating the entire chest including the micro controller. This made the robot topple when the arms were rotated. These were problems which needed to be weeded out and they led to the death of Acyut 2. Then, Acyut 3 was born. How was Acyut 3 different ? The chest was devided into two parts , a chest part and a shoulder part. Now the motor rotated only the necessary parts and hence the robot did not topple whenever the arms were rotated. The batteries were back in the chest, this time we made sure that they were closer to the centre of the bot. Also the entire assembly was designed such that the batteries could be easily removed and recharged. We noticed that the weight of our body was not concentrated in our feet and hence we were once again learning from nature. 🙂 Acyut 3 is an agile robot which managed to root out most of the problems we were facing , however the desire to improve lives on. 🙂


May 18, 2008 - Posted by | Acyut 3

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  1. Hi, I am sending you a Webpage about Humanoid Robots, it is a Resume with a lot of new technologies. If you like new ideas to improve your research or produtcs… you also can find there the list of the most famous robots with videos on Youtube.

    Luis Beck

    Comment by Luis Beck | October 8, 2008 | Reply

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