Acyut : The Humanoid Robot

Just another Humanoid robot

First Movers Advantage

Our whole life now revolves around motors, balance,torque, halfspeedcpu, motor drivers. When you spend 23 hrs 30 mins in the lab, go through those hairy and scary moments when components don’t work, algorithms crash, motors burn and future prospects look bleak, you begin to question is it all worth it ? And then things such as these happen over a night ( watch the videos and photos posted ) .

The ecstasy you experience when a years effort pays off is unexplainable ( I don’t know if this is even a word but am too happy to care ) . The kicks, walk sequence, the “Dho Daala” move ( internal joke )  are all falling in place. This only goes to show that we have finally arrived. RoboGames – HERE WE COME !

To all the alumni who have supported us immensely over the last year, Shammi Kapoor is not far away, nor for that matter Daler’s Bhangra. We hope to live up to your expectations.

Dilip, we will try our level best to imitate the inimitable. 🙂

I think I should get back to work. The motors would have cooled by now. More videos soon !

Check this space for updates !




May 27, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I have read about Acyut in a News paper and found it very interesting. Cogrates!! to the team. Also I too am very keen to build up such a Robot. Will you please guide me??

    Thank you,


    Comment by Guruswamy Revana | March 23, 2009 | Reply

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