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The results so far ….the team

I still remember all the night outs the guys used to put in . We knew it was never going to be easy . Great things in life never are . But now watching the biped walking around and kicking its way to glory just makes me feel it was all worthĀ  it . šŸ™‚ The technical team consists of Samay Kohli, Arpit Mohan and Harsh Sinha ( referred to as “guys” at the beginning ) . Then along came Prayag, who simply doesnt seem to need sleep or food (or baths for that matter šŸ™‚ ). Realising the need for exposure, developing a network , dealing with different forms of media,sponsors ….in short the need to be “noticed”, led to the inclusion of Prateik Pothuneedi (me) and Stueti Gupta. Yup , the team has people handling the media and contacts , bringing in sponsors and making the rightĀ statements at the right time, ya…Ā its a modern team. šŸ™‚Ā  This will be my last blog for Acyut as a biped….cos we’re closing the project . With the lessons learnt from the biped, with a little more experience and greater enthusiasim, the team starts anew on its new project ACYUT I, a new humanoid, new designs, a new story. Watch out for updates on Acyut I …cheers ! šŸ™‚

PS: For all those of you wondering what the name is all about, ACYUT is sanskrit for “the indestructible” or the “one who never falls”.


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Stage four : Programming

After the assembling was done we let out a sigh of relief, believing a major part of the work was done . But we were in for quite a shock! We used a microcontroller known as a servopod-usb to programme the servos. A motorolla DSP 56F807 forms the crux of the microcontroller. The servopod proved (and continues to be) very difficult to work with. Faced with a new programming language and no tutorials available anywhere is a nightmare I wouldn’t wish anyone. The new langauage called ISOMAX is rather complex. It took us a week to just figure out how to write a loop in the machine state based language. Though it was tough its capabilities excited us. (We are yet to realise those capabilities to its fullest.) To make sure it worked properly, we calibrated the biped on different surfaces. We were beginning to realise the effects of surface on gait and balance. Physics strikes back at us in wierd ways !



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Stage three : Assembly

The brackets were manufactured and the servos were ready . We started putting together the pieces . The servos were not the best but we had to work with what we had.Ā Mounting the servos on the brackets and then connecting them to each other was one of the most satisfying processes as we watched BITS’ first biped come alive. After the assembling was done we were pleasantly suprised to see that the biped was standing by itself!Ā It was well balanced …maybe we didn’t make too many design flaws (or so we thought šŸ˜› )

Ā early-days.jpg

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Stage two : Manufacturing

We started off by manufacturing bracketsĀ (which we designed).Ā These brackets served as bases to mountĀ the Futaba 13kgcm & 7kgcm servosĀ we were going to use . The exoskeleton was manufactured out of aluminium which proved to be too thin. We intend to use duralumin (which is more expensive) in the future. The thickness ( or rather the thinness) of the aluminium plate (1mm) proved to be a major hurdle during the machining proces. The plate was too thin to be grasped by the CNC machine. This made it difficult for us to machine. Enter innovation …we used double sided tape and taped the plate onto another piece of aluminium(6mm) making the sheet thicker and easier to machine! šŸ™‚ This madeĀ life a lot easier for us, also inspiring us to innovate.

Ā cnc.jpgsam.jpgcnc2.jpg

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Stage one : Designing

We basically built the biped from the scratch. Hence do not have the design limitations our competitors face. We designed the biped on Autodesk Inventor, using the same for simulation to check if the joints moved seamlessly and without restrictions. But custom made designs usually come hand in hand with a lot of flaws which we overlooked. Nevertheless, AUTODESK rules !

ServoĀ Mount

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How we got here …

The journey from a few pieces of metal and servos to a fully functional biped has been an experience to say the least . The knowledge gained invaluable , the effort put in unforgetable and the end result incredible ! šŸ™‚Ā Lets divide the journey into stages …Ā 

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Where we are …

Right now we have succesfully built our very own biped and unlike most other bipeds we managed to do this without using any off the shelf components . It can walk and ya…it can kick ! šŸ™‚

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