Acyut : The Humanoid Robot

Just another Humanoid robot

Work Resumes………………….

So… after a day’s hard work of clearing up the lab ,our work resumed in full swing. The first phase of designing is almost done…. Have entered phase 2 and will then begin manufacturing the parts…. Still a long way to go but then , “well begun is half done…” . Even the moves are being conceptualised  side by side…… watch out for further updates as we surge ahead in our quest to build the perfect humanoid…


– Arnav

Team Acyut


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The thigs we need to do to make a humanoid……..

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Back to work!

Sorry for the long pause.

We are back on campus after an amazing US trip .BTW we stood 6th out of 30 teams in RoboGames 2008 , San Francisco! 🙂

Loads of lessons learnt at RoboGames and experiences to cherish …we are now gearing up to make a complete new version of AcYut to participate in RoboGames-2009 . Join us in the long journey ahead.



Team AcYut

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First Movers Advantage

Our whole life now revolves around motors, balance,torque, halfspeedcpu, motor drivers. When you spend 23 hrs 30 mins in the lab, go through those hairy and scary moments when components don’t work, algorithms crash, motors burn and future prospects look bleak, you begin to question is it all worth it ? And then things such as these happen over a night ( watch the videos and photos posted ) .

The ecstasy you experience when a years effort pays off is unexplainable ( I don’t know if this is even a word but am too happy to care ) . The kicks, walk sequence, the “Dho Daala” move ( internal joke )  are all falling in place. This only goes to show that we have finally arrived. RoboGames – HERE WE COME !

To all the alumni who have supported us immensely over the last year, Shammi Kapoor is not far away, nor for that matter Daler’s Bhangra. We hope to live up to your expectations.

Dilip, we will try our level best to imitate the inimitable. 🙂

I think I should get back to work. The motors would have cooled by now. More videos soon !

Check this space for updates !



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GUI (Graphical user Interface) upgrade!

Version 1.05 of the Program used to test and operate ACYUT, before the program is loaded on to ACYUT’s permanent brain

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Interviews Galore!

Interviews, interviews, interviews !!!  It’s been fun this week. The Tribune called us, so did Etv and Aaj Tak. We’r already done with an interview with The tribune. The rest is to follow.

Will keep you updated on the news on our front !!( I hope you see it on the news channels first :P)


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We strike gold !

The past week has been pretty eventful for the team here. Things ( as said in the previous blog ) are definitely falling into place. Although this might be misguided enthusiasm and optimism, it feels good.

The funds have begun to flow in thanks to the immense support extended by the BITSAA (BITS Alumni Association). They have assured us that at no cost shall this project die out due to “lack of funds”. Obviously, if you have such a strong family backing you up, you  begin to feel you can take on the world individually ( something we plan to do 🙂 )

 Also, our story ( or should I say) our aspirations, have been printed in numerous news papers and news sites across the world. All this, thanks to IANS ( and Joydeep ofcourse ).  You can read more about us at ,,

Things seem to be on the brighter side at the moment. Hope they remain this way.

Till then , ciao


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